The idea for this business – as a half south african was given to me from cradle time. Later it was the love and passion for these countries with it`s great land specific products and the wine. Due to a lot of holidays over the years a second country got close to my heart – Portugal. With every arrival back in Munich, I found that I could tell my mates about the outstanding wines but they were hard to get in Munich.

To be able to let my friends and guests enjoy these great wines and other specialities from these countries I began to 

contact different winerys. I told them from my idea to sell their wine in Europe and especially in Germany. 

As more and more people began asking me about the wines they had enjoyed at my place I had the idea of opening my own business with an online shop for them to also enjoy the wines with their friends and family.

After nearly one year we are very proud making our customers happy and sending excellent wines throughout the world. 


It`s my mission to bing you the sun and the lifestyle from these countries to your home.

I want to provide you affordable luxury full of pleasure to enjoy in your glas and on your plate day by day.

I want to bring you these deliciousness, that I`ve tried myself and therefore can give u very good feedback

for your personal needs and questions.

Off course I want to grow our range of great products, so I can bring you new delights for your and the passion of your loved ones. Enjoy some of our carefully picked hidden champions whenever and wherever you want to.